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The Hippopatamus Song…Classic!

For goofy fun, gather your kidlets around and listen to this song. My kids want to hear it over and over again.

Happy Holidays!

Adios, SuperMom!

I just finished reading a great post by a fellow momblogger. The title was “Working from home and feeling guilty?” (see the post here:

No doubt most moms who work from home have felt some degree of guilt about doing so. I know I have.

I remember trying out the “supermom” gig when I had my first son six years ago. My best friend even bought me a cape (ha!), which eventually fell to the floor of our hall closet and collected dirt and dust from all the boots and shoes thrown on top of it. Sigh…

Six years and three kids later, I’ve finally figured out how to be satisfied with myself as a woman, a wife, a mom and an entrepreneur. It was no small feat. I learned some big lessons about compassion (for myself as well as others) and acceptance. I ate a large helping of humble pie. I gave up trying to do it all, and to do it all perfectly. Now my kids are happy, their hair is really never combed, my house is sometimes tidy and somewhat clean, my business is growing, my marriage is evolving, and I am surrounded by loving family and friends. Those are the biggies.

In fact, when I think about it, my life looks a lot more like “super” now than it did when I was trying so hard to be perfect.

Maybe I should go find that cape?

Use accountability to get unstuck

Don’t you just hate getting stuck?

I do, and I have been stuck for about two weeks, resisting and avoiding and ignoring the writing of my ezine, which I publish monthly. Well, being stuck caused me to miss publishing an issue in November altogether. Looks like I’ll be doubling up in December!

But the great news is that I got on twitter this morning and posted a tweet asking for accountability from some of my followers. I got a few replies, all agreeing to message me at 2:30pm today to ask me if I had published the ezine. I am happy to report that setting up this accountability structure and knowing that I had to get it done on a deadline made the creative writing juices flow!

I got it done and published it today with three minutes to spare. That’s record time for writing an issue, especially after weeks of being unable to do it.

Accountability is a great tool to help you get something done you’re committed to doing. I feel so relieved and happy to have completed the latest issue. If you’re interested, you can read it here.

Please share any tips or strategies you use for getting unstuck.

So my suggestion to everyone is to use your network for some accountability. Sometimes just knowing that someone is going to check in with you and that someone cares about the work you’re doing is all you need.

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