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Let’s barter our way out of this recession

Happy New Year, Folks!

The New Year just about squeaked past me unnoticed since I’ve been travelling and visiting with family for the last two weeks. We just arrived home late last night after a sometimes thrilling trip across 750 miles of icy roads. Time spent relaxing, resting, eating, connecting, playing with family and friends caused a bit of a time warp.

One of the first blogs I read today was The Mogul Mom, authored by Heather Allard. I am so inspired by what this mom entrepreneur is doing to help other mom business owners. Heather has created a “Helping Out Directory” of mompreneurs who are willing to barter or trade their products and services in exchange for other products/services they need. What a brilliant idea!

As business owners, we all have to make choices about our priorities and what we can afford to spend on them. I know that I have a long list of business tasks I’d like to pass off to a VA, but haven’t done it yet for a number of reasons. I would gladly trade my coaching services in return for some VA assistance. I imagine that there are those of you whose businesses are in need of some marketing, web design/maintenance, bookkeeping, organization, etc. Would you be willing to exchange your services to get what you need?

If so, visit Heather’s blog, read about the “Helping Out Directory,” and add your name and information to her growing list. You might find something you need, and you might be able to lend a hand to someone else, all without exchanging a single penny.

Bartering is a great way of doing business when the economy is unstable. A sensible gut reaction to the recession is to tighten the belt and not spend if you can avoid it. But, putting off expenditures (especially investments, which pay you back in time) has its costs, too.  You owe it to yourself to get your business needs met, and bartering is a creative way to do just that. Consider what a system of bartering could make possible for you that you currently believe won’t happen given the circumstances.

Have you bartered for goods/services in the past, or are you bartering now? If so, let me know how it’s working for you and what sort of things you’re trading.

Got other creative ideas for meeting business needs in a recession? I’d love to hear them! Please share your comments here and consider subscribing to my blog (upper right hand corner of this page) to follow the responses of others.


Can I get a little inspiration, please?!!!

There are a lot of people out there who are a lot scared right now about how things are looking in the economy. And no doubt: once a person gets scared, more and more scary things start showing up.

I’m excited to continue sharing good news that’s happening to some great mom entrepreneurs right now. If we continue to look for what we can celebrate, what is working, what IS possible, then a lot of amazing mom biz owners will get the recognition and support they need and deserve.

Please read the attached blog post below from a new friend and colleague, Traci Bisson, who runs The Mom Entrepreneur as well as her own PR and marketing firm. Traci is doing a phenomenal job in her own ventures and is celebrating other mom biz owners who are committed to doing the same. Traci is looking for stories from mom entrepreneurs who are “making lemonade from lemons”, and will highlight them in an upcoming blogpost.

Want to know more, or have a suggestion for Traci? Read below.

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So you wanna be a mompreneur?

So there you are, at home with the kids, cleaning up after the third snack of the day, stepping over the Legos structures you and your kids made (and aren’t you proud of the one you built?), prepping for dinner, checking over homework and reminding those little humans of yours to please flush and wash your hands… You are moving through the routines that are your life now as a mother. Occasionally you drift off and remember that “other time” when all of “this” wasn’t “normal”.

Back in the day, life was different. Your routine included getting up in the morning when the alarm went off, getting a shower (each and everyday), making coffee and chewing on a toasted bagel while you woke up slowly. Then you dressed in clothes that were clean and ironed, got in the car and went to work, and you used up a whole bunch of brainpower and called up your vast wisdom, knowledge and experience and gave it to your career.

Maybe you loved your job; maybe not. It might have fueled and satisfied your amibition, passion and talent; or it might have been a way to earn a paycheck that you could spend doing the stuff you love to do outside of work.

Either way, chances are you’ve thought about working again since you’ve become a mom. Having children certainly resets our priorities. If you’re currently a stay-at-home-mom, you chose this role because you wanted the chance to literally watch your kids grow up. Working in a nine-to-five corporate job would have made that impossible. You need flexibility and an agenda you set yourself that allows you to make your family your priority.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, you’re not alone. More and more moms are taking their brilliant ideas and their hard-earned knowledge and applying themselves as entrepreneurs. To find out just how many, and whether you’re ready to be one yourself, read the following article from

So you wanna be a mompreneur? –from


Have you been thinking about starting your business? Wanna bounce some ideas around and see how they’re received? Are you getting overwhelmed by all there is to know about setting up and running a business? Please share your thoughts here. Maybe all you need is a little support to get started. No matter what, a solid goal and an action plan to get you there are required. And you CAN do it–just in baby steps. Feel free to write and tell me where you are with your business!


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